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The financial platform you and your company need

Earned Wage Access

Earned Wage Access allows users to withdraw a portion of their salary ahead of payday.

  • Users submits a request on the app.

  • Relevant checks are conducted.

  • Users receive the funds can then use the funds to pay for medical bills, car repair costs, children's tuition fees and more.



Salary Tracking

Users gain a sense of security and safety when monitoring their earnings.

With some simple and quick integration with the employer's HR systems, the app will update the user's earnings based on their work.

Financial Education

HariGaji is here to help users make the right financial decisions and choices.

  The user will receive:

  • Triggers if they have been using earned wage access too often

  • Regular updates about good spending habits

  • News updates that could affect their financial decisions



Benefits Program

By becoming regulars, users will receive special discounts and offers for essential goods and services.

These special discounts apply for buying necessities such as clothes, groceries, insurance and many more. This is intended to reduce the financial burden on users.

Payroll Processing

We understand that you would like to focus on your core business rather than managing payroll. Let us manage it for you!

We have extensive experience in processing payroll and by hiring us you can have a peace of mind that your payroll will be up-to-date and compliant.


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