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Dear, employers. 

Here are some of the essential features that we think your company should have: 

What people say...

Earned Wage Access 

  • With EWA, it helps your employees to have easy access on their earned money. 

  • They can withdraw their money whenever and wherever they want. 

  • P/S: it is very useful during an emergency. 

Financial education 

  • Nowadays, be financially educated is very important. 

  • As a financial wellness platform, we will help employees by sharing related current financial news. It will help employees to be more alert about their personal financial status. 

  • Our apps will send trigger notification to warn them when they reach the request/withdrawal limit. 

Benefits program 

  • The more the reward, the happier the employees will be.  

  • When an employee become a regular user of HariGaji, we will reward them with special offer and discounts on essential goods and services. 

Salary tracking 

  • It helps to increase employees' sense of security with the money they have earned. 

  • This will happen when the HR System integrate with HariGaji. We will sync the salary data of the employees and show it on our apps. 

  • In that way, employees can monitor their upcoming salary by themselves. 

Payroll processing

  • Sit back and let us do that for you. 

  • You can shift your focus fully on the business. 

  • We will make sure everything will be up-to-date and compliant to your company policy. 

Image by Agefis

Syed Ahmed

“HariGaji adalah satu platform yang baik dengan menunjukkan betapa pentingnya ia dalam membantu pekerja pekerja dari segi kewangan ketika mereka mengalami krisis dan turut membakar semangat.”

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