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The ultimate 
flexible payroll solution

We offer a range of payroll services, starting with earned wage access and automated payroll


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We are changing the idea of payroll, forever
payouts for requests
hidden fees
cost to the employer
Choices to fit every partner’s needs
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Fully Managed EWA

HariGaji will manage and fund the complete process

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EWA Infrastructure

Have more autonomy on the EWA process

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White-Labelled EWA

Own the complete solution allowing the ultimate flexibility to suit your corporate needs

How our solution will impact millions

HariGaji is a platform that lets employees get a part of their salary in advance, free of any interest whilst promoting healthy financial habits

More features to
power-up your
financial freedom.

Earned Wage Acces

Instant and efficient salary advance processing.

Payroll Management

A robust, straightforward solution to manage a transient workforce

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Financial Education

Encouraging good financial habits

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Benefits Programme

Provides employees with special offers and deals

Salary tracking

Helping employees understand their earnings for the month

Get more with Harigaji.

Increase workplace productivity by 20%

Employees will be less concerned about debt and more concerned about productivity.

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Reduce employee turnover by 16%

It also helps employees to bridge the gap between paychecks, ultimately leading to a 16% reduction in employee turnover.

Better employer-employee relationship​

 This service is designed to foster better employer-employee relationships by helping employees to better manage their finances and reducing financial stress. 

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Our partners

Today, financial accessibility has become more crucial than ever. 

The launch of HariGaji’s Earned Wage Access feature on altHR is another example of Digi’s steadfast commitment 

Kathryn Lee

Head of Digi-X


Accessing my hard-earned money on my terms through HariGaji.

It is convenient and flexible. It's a smarter way to get paid, and I highly recommend it.


Client Employee​

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