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We help employees achieve financial freedom

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We provide employees the financial wellness they deserve.


of Malaysian youth pay bills late due to limited cash


of Malaysians borrow to buy essential goods


of Malaysians do not have savings of more than RM1,000

Our Solution


HariGaji is a platform that lets employees get a part of their salary in advance, free of any interest while promoting healthy financial habits.

HariGaji sets your company apart, boosts employee morale, increases employee retention, and improves productivity at work.

Our features...

Earned Wage Access

Instant and efficient salary advance processing

Salary Tracking

Enabling employees to monitor their salaries

Financial Education

Encouraging good financial habits

Benefits Programme

Provides employees with special offers and deals

Payroll Processing

Helping you focus on your core business

Benefits for your business

Increase workplace productivity by 20%

Employees will be less concerned about debt and more concerned about productivity.

Our story

We believe that financial freedom is a basic need and with the right tools and know-how, financial stress can be reduced.


The world is facing many challenges due to the COVID-19, but people who are the worst hit by the pandemic are the ones who lack financial stability. Our platform addresses exactly that by providing employees a safe place to take control of their finances.


While at the same time, allowing employers to reap additional advantages, such as increased productivity and improved employee retention.


Join us today in achieving our vision of improved financial literacy and increased financial freedom for everyone.

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